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Cardinals news and notes: Martinez, 2006, $/win

The Cubs’ incredible BABIP (plus news and notes)

Ron Gant

On Wednesday, Ben Lindbergh of the Ringer wrote about the Cubs’ uncanny ability to limit hits on balls in play in 2016. From the article:

Last year’s Cubs allowed a .255 batting average on balls in play, in a season when the league as a whole (Cubs included) averaged .298. The gap between the Cubs and the team with the second-best BABIP (the Blue Jays, at .282) was greater than the gap between Toronto and the 27th-place team. As FanGraphs’ Jeff Sullivan wrote last September, the Cubs’ BABIP allowed was last season’s “most extraordinary team statistic.”

Lindbergh went on to note that had Cubs pitchers had a league average BABIP, they may have won around 13 less games. That’s incredible. We all know that when a team is an outlier to such an absurd degree, they will naturally be pulled back to the middle the following year. The question for the Cubs is how much will they regress and will it even matter? Their rotation should still be one of the best in baseball, and they’re going to again field one of the best defenses behind it. The young core from last season is relatively intact, and, if lucky, they’re looking at a full season from Kyle Schwarber. Still, if the NL Central is still a race come September, the Cubs’ pitcher’s BABIP crashing somewhere at least close to Earth (with things simultaneously breaking right for the Cardinals) will probably be the reason why.

Here’s what you may have missed yesterday at VEB:

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