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Cardinals news and notes: Projections, the roster, and the bracket

Base. Ball. News.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Miami Marlins Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

One week from this moment, the Cardinals are going to have a record. It might not be a good record, or it might be a perfect record. But they are going to have one, and that it is awesome.

Unless Opening Day rains out. And it’s supposed to rain that day. So never mind.

Anyway, here’s the news and notes.

  • Ben Markham, being the realist (or defeatist, if you prefer) that he is, wrote some stuff evaluating the Cardinals’ chances of winning an NL Wild Card berth in 2017.
  • A couple of Cardinals reliever had their projection results published, courtesy of Craig Edwards: Brett Cecil and Trevor Rosenthal. Those projections can be found, respectively, here and here.
  • The red baron wrote a post called “Some Quick Thoughts on the Cardinals’ Final Roster Decisions”. A+ article, D- ability to accurately describe its length in the title.
  • The Final Four has been set not only in college hoops, but also in the All-Time Cardinals Bracket. So vote on it!

That’s all. It’s almost April. Baseball almost counts again.