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The All-Time Cardinals Bracket: the Sweet 16

Check out which legendary Cardinals made the Round of Lankford.

State Farm Home Run Derby Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Okay, now we are getting to business. The matchups going forward will be more intense than ever. The fights will be more vociferous (I assume that people are literally coming to blows over this bracket). And while there have been some upsets, I’d venture to say that nobody eliminated was ever a serious contender for the title of All-Time Cardinals Bracket Champion.

Once again, most of the matches were blowouts. One, however, was a tie. Literally, several hundred people voted and it was an exact tie. I decided before this started to recuse myself unless a tiebreak was necessary—basically, I’m the vice president of this bracket (I invented the bracket and I still can’t be president). I cast my tiebreaking vote (hint: it was for the matchup winner that got 50%) and I stand by my decision. As the kids say, don’t @ me.

Anyway, here are the results. The next round of voting is listed below. Voting will remain open until 6 p.m. Friday, at which point winners of the Lankford Sixteen will be decided. They will then advance to the, um, Terry Moore Eight? The “September 1998 call-up of J.D. Drew Eight”? The Peter Bourjos Eight? I don’t want to give it to Mike Leake just yet; I want him to have something to which to aspire.

Sportsman’s Park Region:

#1 Stan Musial over #9 Larry Jackson, 99.6%

#4 Jim Edmonds over #5 Ray Lankford, 84.7%

#2 Ted Simmons over #7 Jesse Haines, 95.8%

#3 Curt Flood over #6 Frankie Frisch, 64.9%

Busch Stadium Region:

#1 Albert Pujols over #9 Chris Carpenter, 85.7%

#5 Jim Bottomley over #4 Harry Brecheen, 68.4%

#2 Ozzie Smith over #10 Scott Rolen, 94%

#6 Yadier Molina over #3 Joe Medwick, 75.4%

Robison Field Region:

#1 Rogers Hornsby over #9 Bob Forsch, 97.1%

#4 Adam Wainwright over #5 Bob Caruthers, 96.6%

#2 Enos Slaughter over #7 Marty Marion, 91.1%

#3 Lou Brock over #6 Ted Breitenstein, 99.8%

Busch Memorial Stadium Region:

#1 Bob Gibson over #8 Max Lanier, 99.8%

#4 Johnny Mize over #5 Keith Hernandez, 65.1%

#2 Ken Boyer over #10 Willie McGee, 50%

#3 Dizzy Dean over #6 Red Schoendienst, 63.6%