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Cardinals news and notes: Adams, drafts, and the bracket

Recapping the penultimate weekend without Major League Baseball for over half a year.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

It’s almost here. It’s ever so close. Actual, real life baseball. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, not yet. Here’s what came out on VEB this weekend.

  • Ben Markham wrote about Matt Adams and how he could fit (or, in this case, how he could not fit) with the Colorado Rockies following an injury to their projected first baseman Ian Desmond.
  • The first round of the All-Time Cardinals Bracket was pretty solidly chalk. Go ahead and vote in the second round to determine who you would like to see advance to the Sweet 16 (you know what, I’m going to call it The Ray Lankford Round. Arbitrarily. Right Now. Whatever, I invented it, I’m allowed).
  • Noted VEB anthologizer/person who does not understand the meaning of the word “brief” the red baron wrote about the 2010 and 2011 drafts of the St. Louis Cardinals. Although less ballyhooed than the 2009 draft, some interesting stuff happened and RB walks you through it.

The content should get increasingly relevant. I’m excited to help write it and I hope y’all are excited to read it.