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Cardinals news and notes: Wacha, Martinez, and another level in the multiverse

So, you know, just another day’s work here at Viva El Birdos

Division Series - Pittsburgh Pirates v St Louis Cardinals - Game Five Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Hey guys, how’s it going? Yadier Molina hit a home run in the World Baseball Classic for Team Puerto Rico. Pretty sweet, huh? Remember how last year, Molina was mediocre offensively in the first half and then awesome in the second half? Well, it seems he’s carried over the second half success while adding power. I’m not saying he’s Mike Trout, to be fair—Mike Trout is an average to above average but not other-worldly defensive center fielder, and Yadier Molina is one of the greatest defensive catchers to ever live. Clearly, they are different.

Anyway, here’s some stuff and things from VEB yesterday.