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Super Sunday 2017

A near-holiday that is also nearly baseball season. (Which is a much bigger deal.)

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Nice jacket, Shaq.
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Morning, all.

So today is Super Bowl Sunday. As close to a national holiday as you can get without it actually being a holiday. Today virtually everyone you or I know will be sitting down at a gathering of some sort to watch the game, though in all honesty very few will actually be watching the game itself. More than any other sporting event I can think of, the Super Bowl has virtually nothing to do with the game being played, or even football in general, at least in terms of what people are paying attention to and why they care. It’s an excuse to hang out with one’s friends and loved ones, eat too much, and do most of the same things we do at Thanksgiving, minus the turkey.

To me, though, being not much of a football fan in general, less of an NFL fan, and even less a fan now that the Rams have left town — I could enjoy pro football so long as I had a rooting interest, to a certain extent at least, but now I just have no use for the league in general — Super Bowl Sunday is mostly a landmark on the road back to baseball. Once the Super Bowl is over, baseball season is basically on the way. Sure, we have a couple weeks until spring training starts, and a while after that before games get going, but still. Today is the end of the football calendar, and baseball is right around the corner.

I honestly don’t have a ton to say today, and given the unique nature of this particular Sunday I don’t feel much of a need to cook up a post that may or may not see much in the way of traffic. So I’ll just keep it short and sweet, and leave this here as a place to pop in and say hello if anyone wants. Feel free to discuss the game today in between bites of chili dip; I’m planning on gorging myself stupid while ignoring the game going on in front of me, and I assume most of you are, too, even if you’re in the same boat as me in terms of your level of care for the contest itself.

And after today, it’s time for baseball. Well, almost.

At the very least, it’s probably time for a spring surprises post, seeing as how it’s a tradition at this point.