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Cardinals news and notes: Martinez, Law, and hacking

Also, I get shamed into doing actual work around here.

World Series Game 5: Detroit Tigers v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

On the most recent episode of the Viva El Birdos podcast, Heather Simon and I, along with Drew Silva, listed our top twenty St. Louis Cardinals ever. Heather and Drew ranked theirs. I did not, because I was trying to replicate the unranked format of the NHL 100. Also, because I am a coward.

Anyway, Heather published her exact list yesterday. Because of this, I feel shamed and will rank my 20 players right now. And if you are asking yourself, “Hey John, is the modern lean of the bottom part of the list your way of admitting that your top twenty is plagued with recency bias?”—yes. Yes it is.

20. Scott Rolen

19. Chris Carpenter

18. Mark McGwire

17. Adam Wainwright

16. Yadier Molina

15. Ray Lankford

14. Jim Edmonds

13. Red Schoendienst

12. Dizzy Dean

11. Joe Medwick

10. Curt Flood

9. Enos Slaughter

8. Lou Brock

7. Ted Simmons

6. Ken Boyer

5. Ozzie Smith

4. Albert Pujols

3. Rogers Hornsby

2. Bob Gibson

1. Stan Musial

Here’s the other VEB posts from yesterday:

Carlos Martinez

I wrote about the Martinez extension and how it is possible at least that it will not work out. Don’t throw tomatoes at me. I really like tomatoes.

Keith Law

ESPN’s Keith Law took some questions from VEB regarding the Cardinals’ top prospects and the team’s draft strategy following the forfeiture of draft picks to the Houston Astros.


Craig Edwards had an interesting back-and-forth with Ryan Dunsmore of The Crawfish Boxes, SB Nation’s Houston Astros website, about the Cardinals’ hacking scandal. This was a fair-minded discussion in which fair criticisms are levied against the Cardinals organization without resorting to absurdist “THE CARDINALS SHOULD BE BANNED FROM THE POSTSEASON FOREVER!” ax-grinding.

Non-roster invitees

Josey Curtis wrote about some of the non-roster invitees to Spring Training this year for the Cardinals. Shoutout to my friends who are disproportionately obsessed with Harrison Bader. This one’s for you.

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed my list and recaps and don’t get too mad at me for speaking reservedly on Carlos Martinez, who remains the best.