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Cardinals news and notes: Kolten Wong, the Pirates, and a great escape

Here’s a bunch of stuff about things

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

So how about that week, right? The temperature reached the seventies in St. Louis every day! This is wild and crazy and I choose not to look at the temperature for today, because precedent has already established that the temperature will reach 70. So why bother? This is today’s in meteorology with John J. Fleming.

Here’s the baseball articles we had yesterday.

  • I compared the 2017 St. Louis Cardinals to the 2017 Pittsburgh Pirates. They are close teams in terms of overall quality but I do ultimately declare that I think one is a little bit better. Wanna know which team? Well, click here to find out!
  • Check out the VEB Community Projections page for Kolten Wong and predict what the Cardinals second baseman and possibly Cardinals outfielder (screams into the void) will do in 2017.
  • Wanna watch meaningless baseball games that are nevertheless still, by definition, baseball games? Of course you do, person reading a baseball blog in February! Check out the Cardinals’ Spring Training broadcast schedule, as provided yesterday by Craig Edwards.
  • Here is the red baron’s analysis of Cardinals outfield prospect and noted fast person Magneuris Sierra, whom he ranked as the fifteenth best prospect in the Cardinals system.
  • Congratulations are in order to the Cardinals for escaping the room at their team building exercise on Thursday, as noted by little underscore scooter ninety-three. As a result, the Cardinals will be able to participate in baseball games this season, as they will not be stuck in a room.
  • The Cardinals signed Cuban prospect Jose Adolis Garcia last night, which I recapped. He is an exciting if somewhat obscure commodity (i.e. we didn’t have pictures of him in our photo gallery so I used a picture of his brother Adonis Garcia and hoped people wouldn’t yell at me) and it could be interesting to see what will become of him this season.
  • With Spring Training games set to begin, Josey Curtis focused on Top 100 prospect Luke Weaver and former sacrificial lamb Mike Mayers, who will start this weekend’s games against the Florida Miami Marlins. Hopefully they do super good and awesome. If they don’t, well, it’s Spring Training. But if they do, I am ready to read entirely too much into this. Y’all with me?

Anyway, that’s the stuff. Take care until I see you next.