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Cardinals news and notes: Martinez, World Series history, Pujols

Sammy Sosa is still estranged from the Cubs (plus news and notes)

Montreal Expos v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

You may have caught it in the news, but the Cubs and Sammy Sosa are no closer to a reconciliation since the estrangement began following his departure from the club after the 2004 season. And that’s a shame. Like a lot of people, when I hear Sosa’s name my next immediate thought is Mark McGwire, who was partners-in-crime with Sosa during the home run chase of 1998 as well as their swift fall from the spotlight due to PEDs less than ten years later.

It’s far from an analogous situation, Mark McGwire didn’t retire from the Cardinals on bad terms, but I’m thankful he’s still seemingly thought of highly by the organization and the fan base. The ‘98 season was one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had as a baseball fan, capped off with one of the true “where were you” moments in sports (my sophomore dorm room). Sosa was a big part of that. I have no idea what issues are lingering with the Cubs - Sosa hasn’t always come off as the most grounded individual - but it would be nice to see them patched up.

Here’s what you may have missed yesterday at VEB:

  • Joe Schwarz introduced his project on Carlos Martinez’s pitch sequencing.
  • I broke down the celebration following the Cardinals’ 1982 World Series title.
  • Be sure to participate in the VEB Community Projections for Mike Leake.
  • Here’s Part 2 of Craig Edwards’s look at whether the Cardinals would have been better off signing Albert Pujols to a long-term deal. Two or three years ago this question seemed like a no-brainer (no), but I’ve softened a lot in the last year. Mostly, I think I just miss Pujols in a Cardinals uniform.
  • Where were the Cardinals yesterday? (Answer: An “escape room,” apparently.)
  • The Red Baron introduced us to prospect Jake Woodford, the projected next “ground ball pitcher” for the Cardinals.
  • And finally, Ben Markham explained why the bench should be a big asset again for the Cardinals in 2017.

Enjoy your Friday and weekend, everyone.