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Cardinals Spring Training 2017: Spring Broadcast Schedule

Where you can find Cardinals Spring Training games on the television, internet, and radio

The Cardinals are scheduled to start playing actual baseball games tomorrow. They don’t count in the standings, but they keep score and try hard, which is probably enough for late February. The slate of games start a little earlier this year due to the WBC. Over the next month the Cardinals are set to play 31 games. Sometimes finding the games on television or streaming is a bit difficult. This should help.

Fox Sports Midwest is broadcasting fifteen of those games. That means that for 15 games, you can watch on television on Fox Sports Midwest or stream them with Fox Sports Go if you are a Fox Sports Midwest subscriber. All 15 of those games will also be available on for subscribers of that service without blackouts like we see in the regular season.

In addition to those 15 games, there are five more games being broadcast by the Cardinals’ opponent, meaning that those games will also be available on One of those five games will also be broadcast on ESPN. MLB Network has released its schedule, which also includes some tape-delayed games which aren’t labeled in the graphic below.

As for radio, KMOX is doing 18 of the games with their typical broadcast crew. Those games feature some overlap with the television games, and those games will be available through MLB’s Gameday Audio. If you have a subscription to, the audio comes with it. For the other 13 games, the Cardinals are filling the gap with another crew that debuted last season.

Thirteen additional games will be streamed on and MLB's mobile phone app, At Bat, featuring Mike Claiborne, Tom Ackerman, Chris Hrabe and Kyle McClellan.

As of right now, it looks like 20 of the 31 games, not including any split squad games, will be available to be seen with at least audio available for every game. The visual below shows all the games and how you can tune in. As indicated, most of the games start at around noon central time with a few exceptions, which are noted.

We will update as we receive more information.

Perhaps it goes without saying, but the Cardinals share a Spring Training complex with the Miami Marlins so any games that are labeled @Miami are in Jupiter at the shared complex even if the Cardinals are technically the away team.