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Where in the world are the Cardinals? - A Hunt and Peck

Seriously where did Matheny take them?

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals-Workouts Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It usually is not a good idea to board a bus with no idea of where it is headed. This is just what the Cardinals were asked to do by their manager, Mike Matheny. The trip was apparently part of a "team-building" exercise. The whole thing was weirdly vague. Derrick Goold, beat writer for the team for the St. Louis Post Dispatch, chronicled the strange story via Twitter:

Quite strange, indeed. So where did they go? I have some theories:

  1. They went to Disney World (duh)
  2. They embarked in a charitable endeavor (like visiting a hospital)
  3. They were taken to the super-secret underground cavern where they were covered in the Cardinals Devil Magic Dust™ Wizarding World of Harry Potter™

I need answers!

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