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¡Intentional walks are muertos; Viva intentional walks! - A Hunt and Peck

It's like... whatever.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals-Media Day Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The rules of baseball are a’changing. No longer will the catcher throw his arm up, stand up, and catch four straight pitches in order to purposefully allow a batter to reach base. Instead there will just be some sort of signal and the batter takes his base, saving the viewer precious seconds of watching grown men play pitch and catch.

And it is fine, I guess.

Yeah, it is weird. Baseball has rules and so it goes against the tradition of baseball just to save a little bit of time. And yes, weird baseball can happen during an IBB. But overall, the game is fairly unaffected. So... meh?

Now you want to makes this actually interesting? Get rid of intentional walks altogether. But for now, goodbye IBBs...

Intentional walks are the worst. Long live intentional walks. |

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