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Cardinals news and notes: Blanton, Piscotty, and the bullpen

Since it’s baseball season now, let’s talk about the baseball weekend

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals-Workouts
We have a picture of Dexter Fowler in a Cardinals uniform. This is good.
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As those of you who read my News and Notes post on Saturday surely know, I have declared it to be Baseball Season because the weather was good on Friday. The weather continued to be awesome, particularly on Sunday, and yep, still baseball season. The pitchers and catchers who have reported to Spring Training continue, um, to exist. Also, turns out that comments sections on the internet harbor extremely loud takes. Who could’ve guessed that?

Anyway, here are the baseball things on Viva El Birdos this weekend.

Joe Blanton

Ben Markham wrote about how the Cardinals should sign Joe Blanton, who it turns out is a free agent and who it also turns out is still seeking gainful employment in Major League Baseball. In fact, after reading the article, I remember now that I saw him pitch several times last October. The last few months have evidently broken my brain.

Stephen Piscotty

So, how do y’all feel about Stephen Piscotty? You think he’s going to be awesome or terrible or somewhere in between? Submit your 2017 projections for him here.

The bullpen

The red baron wrote about the Cardinals bullpen. It appears that the Cardinals do intend to implement a bullpen this season. Read more about it!

So that’s cool, right? More hot baseball content shall be forthcoming.