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Cardinals news and notes: Carlos Martinez extension and some other things

Looking back at the stories from 2/1 at VEB.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

Happy February! Baseball comes back this month. Here’s a look back at what the first day of the wonderful month was like at Viva El Birdos:

Carlos Martinez extension news!

Viva El Birdos Podcast: Episode 69 — John Fleming, Lil_Scooter, and guest Drew Silva had an enjoyable conversation about Cardinals legends and partook in an interesting version of team-related trivia.

The Cardinals deserve a competitive balance pick — Amidst the rippling waters caused by the punishment dropped by MLB earlier this week, Ben Godar explained in his weekly post why the Cardinals at least deserve a competitive balance pick.

Luis Robert and Investment Opportunities — The red baron examined Luis Robert, a possible target for the Cardinals, who won’t make a selection in this year’s draft until the middle of the third round.

If you ever wanted a John Goodman baseball card, your dreams have now come true - A Hunt and Peck — Lil_Scooter’s story highlighted the fact that John Goodman now has his own Topps baseball card.

Carson Kelly and the predictability of top catching prospects — John Fleming took a look at catchers’ big-league careers who had prospect projections similar to those of Carson Kelly.

That does it for Wednesday. Check back Thursday for more!