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Cardinals news and notes: Molina, Wainwright, and Reyes

With the power vested in me by Viva El Birdos, I am officially declaring us in baseball season. Thank you for your patience.

World Series - St Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox - Game One
Get you somebody who looks at you the way Adam Wainwright looks at Yadier Molina.

Hi, gang. I’m presently composing this news-and-notes post outside on my patio from my home, which according to MapQuest sits 10.1 miles from Busch Stadium (enjoy the fun fact, stalkers!). I am doing this on February 17 because, somehow, it is 66 degrees. And the Sun is loooooooong gone. This is absurd.

It snowed a few days after the Super Bowl and people were still insisting that it was baseball season, and I could not wrap my head around that. But folks...players have reported to Jupiter. The temperature yesterday reached (source: my car) the 80s (or the 70s, according to “actual meteorologists”). The St. Louis Cardinals even managed their first soul-crushing season-ending injury of the 2017 season. It is indeed baseball season.

I am the sole arbiter of this and will maintain this belief going forward. This doesn’t mean it isn’t also basketball or hockey or whatever season (on a note extremely unrelated to anything, here’s a fact that should make you feel old: today is the 16th anniversary of Dale Earnhardt’s death—I feel beyond ancient right now). But it is simultaneously baseball season. It is whatever you want it to be. Except football season. That’s just weird. Wait until the draft or something, at least.

Anyway, here are the bits of baseball season which emerged yesterday on Viva El Birdos.

Yadier Molina

I wrote about Yadier Molina and considered a possible time-share scenario in which Carson Kelly could be immersed into the catching position while Molina could play occasionally at first base. Ultimately I concluded that it might not be realistic idea but I weighed the pros and cons of it so stop yelling at me, guys.

Adam Wainwright

Do you think Adam Wainwright is going to have a bounce-back, vintage Cy Young-caliber 2017 tailor-made to silence the haters and losers? Do you think Adam Wainwright’s 2016 was just a preview of a 2017 in which he pitches so poorly that he’s converted to full-time first baseman (this is entry #2 in my 25-part series about why every player should be moved to first base—my Matt Adams post should be quite boring, to be honest)? Well, let your voice be heard in the latest 2017 VEB Community Projection.

Nick Plummer

In the latest re-post of the red baron’s top prospects list, here is #18 on the list: Nick Plummer.

Alex Reyes

Following his successful Tommy John surgery (someday, I want “successful Tommy John surgery” to mean, like, he’s available to pitch in a week or two, but I guess I get it), Alex Reyes posted on Twitter about being in good spirits, and Lil Scooter was all over it. He also posted a picture of his seven month-old daughter, whom the scooter deemed rather adorable (she isn’t wrong; she just said it with more energy than I am).

Facebook Live

Craig Edwards took some reader questions on Facebook and you can watch the video of it here. And be sure to like Viva El Birdos on Facebook while you’re at it so that you can follow the path of some of VEB’s most handsome writers. And also of me.

Corey Littrell

Josey Curtis wrote about Cardinals lefty pitching prospect Corey Littrell’s 50-game suspension for “a drug of abuse”. No jokes or anything—here’s hoping he’s able to put this in his rear-view mirror and get back on track in his professional development.

Okay, the weather looks absolutely exquisite for this weekend, so enjoy that in addition to these posts.