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Cardinals news and notes: Reyes, Rosenthal, Diaz

No more post-Tommy John surgery “thumbs-up” pictures, please. (Plus, news and notes.)

Cardinals V Dodgers

A lot of us are still recovering from the news that Alex Reyes will be missing all of 2017 and a chunk of 2018 because of Tommy John surgery, which was successfully performed yesterday. The successful surgery part is the good news, along with the fact that Ben Markham believes that the Cardinals are still in a decent spot as far as starting pitching goes. He wrote about it yesterday. The bad news (other than the obvious) is there’s now another addition to everyone’s least favorite picture genre: The “following Tommy John surgery thumbs-up pose.” No thank you.

But seriously, everyone is happy the surgery was a success and is in the rearview mirror. Get better soon, Alex.

There was a lot going on yesterday at VEB. Joe Schwarz kicked things off with a re-examination of Trevor Rosenthal as an actual starter. That’s not an idea I’ve envisioned working but Joe makes some pretty interesting points. This part about Rosenthal’s slider as a third pitch particularly caught my eye:

From a tunneling perspective, the slider could be absolutely huge for the aspiring starting pitcher (curveballs, while effective at changing speeds, aren’t good for tunneling purposes). Returning to the repertoire table above, you will see that the slider’s magnitude of movement is almost exactly the same as his fourseamer’s, only breaking to his glove-side rather than his arm-side. At 97-98+ MPH, the batter must commit to the fourseamer very early on, and if Rosenthal is tunneling a slider that will eventually break six plus inches the other way, he will be breaking and/or missing bats on a regular basis.

I wrote about the bullpen and how Mike Matheny would be wise to use it with caution to avoid too many relief outings on zero rest.

The Red Baron educated us on right-handed pitching prospect Zac Gallen. Comes with a nice Woody Williams picture, too.

Carlos Martinez recently visited his hometown of Puerta Plata and gave away baseball equipment to some of the children in the area. Naturally, Lil Scooter was all over it.

Be sure to participate in the 2017 VEB Community Projections. Yesterday, you had the chance to project at how Aledmys Diaz will do this season.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone.