Take Part In A Realistic Way to Play Fantasy Baseball

As a fan of baseball and sports in general, I've always taken an interest in fantasy sports. The idea of creating and managing my very own roster using real life statistics is something that captivates and draws me back every year. With the optimism and excitement that comes with the return of the Cardinals, I also look ahead to the next installment of my fantasy team. But this year I want to shake things up a bit.

Fantasy baseball as we know it has its flaws. Real baseball isn't broken up into various categories. Games aren't won and lost by comparing two teams' RBI and ERA figures. They're won by scoring and preventing runs. With that in mind, I'm adopting a new way to play fantasy that values players in a more realistic manner.

Linear weights, which are at the heart of stats like wRC and wOBA, take into account that a single doesn't carry 50% the value of a double. Below you can see the fantasy point values assigned to the various outcomes of a plate appearance based on the value that PA would have in a real baseball game.

For pitchers, their fantasy stats are derived from FIP if you look further down the table.

Here's a writeup on the way hitters and pitchers are scored in this format used by Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball.

Hitting Stat Value
AB -1
H 5.6
2B 2.9
3B 5.7
HR 9.4
BB 3
SB 1.9
CS -2.8
Pitching Stat Value
IP 5
K 2
BB -3
HBP -3
HR -13
SV 5

I'm considering creating a league like this (for free) through, so everything else in the league would be like normal fantasy baseball: draft, trades, waivers, etc. If you have any interest, questions, or suggestions please let me know in the comments, through my twitter account @Tyler_Opinion, or email