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Cardinals news and notes: Alex Reyes surgery brings opportunities for Luke Weaver, Michael Wacha

Taking a look back at Wednesday’s stories.

Oakland Athletics v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Scott Kane/Getty Images

Wednesday’s stories particularly revolved around the season-ending elbow injury of Cardinals top prospect Alex Reyes. In wake of the frustrating news, Viva El Birdos produced intriguing commentary, per usual. Here’s a look back:

The Changing Mechanics of Alex Reyes — The red baron informatively broke down the mechanics of the flame-throwing Reyes that have been on display at the big-league level since August.

Alex Reyes to miss season with ruptured UCL — Ben Godar pieced together the details of Reyes’ injury, including preliminary factors and possible recovery time, which would be about fifteen months and put him back into action in June of 2018.

Luke Weaver’s new opportunities in 2017 — With Reyes out, John Fleming looked at the situation in a different light, being that it now gives the Cardinals next-best pitching prospect Luke Weaver more chances in the upcoming season.

Injury to Alex Reyes “sucks” — A Hunt and Peck — Lil_Scooter’s daily link post featured several notes on the injury of Reyes, including a simple, yet very true quote from the ailing rookie: “It sucks.”

2017 VEB Community Projections: Michael Wacha — The VEB Community Projections form for right-hander Michael Wacha — who now seems likely to land a starter’s role — was posted by Craig Edwards yesterday.

That sums up Wednesday. Check back Thursday for more.