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Cardinals news and notes: Wacha, Matheny, Lynn

Which Cardinals should get the honor of having a field of grass named for them? (Plus news and notes)

Colorado Rockies v St. Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Yesterday, in Joe Sheehan’s newsletter (which you can subscribe to here), he went through each American League Park and appropriately named the field similar to how the A’s recently honored Rickey Henderson. The National League is set to get the same treatment in his next newsletter. Dating back 115 years, the Cardinals have primarily used three stadiums: Sportman’s Park (or Busch I), Busch Memorial Stadium (Busch II), and the current Busch Stadium.

Stealing directly from Sheehan’s idea, and using Baseball Reference’s Play Index, here’s who each field should be named after based on who had the highest bWAR during the stadium’s existence.

Sportman’s Park (1902-1966)

Stan Musial Field (128.1 WAR).

Runners up: Rogers Hornsby (91.4 WAR), Ken Boyer (58.0 WAR)

Busch Memorial Stadium (1966-2005)

Ozzie Smith Field (65.6 WAR)

Runners up: Bob Gibson (56.3 WAR), Ted Simmons (44.8 WAR)

Busch Stadium (2006-present)

Albert Pujols Field (48.9 WAR)

Runners up: Adam Wainwright (34.5 WAR), Yadier Molina (31.8 WAR)

I can live with all three of those.


And here’s what you may have missed yesterday at VEB:

Joe Schwarz believes it might be time for Michael Wacha to give up on throwing the cutter.

I made the case that the Cardinals’ top of the order in 2017 has potential to be something special.

The Red Baron gave a run-down on righty pitching prospect Connor Jones.

Lil Scooter has the details on which Cardinals will be playing in the upcoming World Baseball Classic.

Craig Edwards analyzed Mike Matheny’s bizarre and arguably nonsensical answers to his interview with ESPN’s Mark Saxon in another Facebook Live episode.

Lastly, to those worried how Lance Lynn will pitch coming off Tommy John surgery, Ben Markham says it will all be okay.

That should do it. Have a great weekend, everyone.