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The Wild Card game is an abomination. The Wild Card game is awesome. - A Hunt and Peck

Both things can be true.

Wild Card Game - St Louis Cardinals v Atlanta Braves Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

There is something simply fantastic about elimination baseball. The stakes are high. every pitch has meaning. A game is never truly over until the last out is recorded. Safe leads do not exist. It is wonderful. And the Wild Card Play-In game is this personified. It is by nature, wild and unpredictable. After 162 games a team’s season will end with only a small taste of postseason baseball to show for it. The winner earns the right to at least three more games. The loser goes home. It riveting. Two teams duking it out - best against best.

I mean, it is still an abomination. Baseball is not meant to be played one game at a time. It is too unpredictable. There is too much variance. That is why they play 162. That is why the winner is determined by a series.

But darn, is it fun! Maybe that is all that matters. (Don’t like it, win your division, right?)

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