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Cardinals news and notes: Brewers, reflections, and awards

Some stuff

Milwaukee Brewers v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Entering this series, the Cardinals had two meaningless games on the schedule and all but one playoff spot was locked up. Well, not much happened. But here we are anyway.

  • With the Cardinals now looking forward to 2018 rather than at the present of 2017, Ben Markham did the same, analyzing the direction which he believes the Cardinals should take heading into the off-season.
  • In a season recap of sorts, the red baron looked at the 2017 season in part one of a (presumably multi-) part series.
  • In looking back at the minor league season (hey, it gets our minds off the MLB team!), Josey Curtis examined the 2017 Palm Beach Cardinals.
  • The Viva El Birdos podcast is, for the second year in a row, conducting community awards voting. Come vote on them here.
  • The Cardinals eliminated the Milwaukee Brewers on Saturday in a game that mattered way more to Milwaukee than to St. Louis (and honestly, this is pretty funny to me, and I don’t even dislike them or anything), and IHeartBoog recapped the game. On Sunday, the Cardinals tried really, really hard and that game was recapped by VanHicklestein.

Off-season time for the Cardinals! Woo-hoooooeh let’s watch playoff games.