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Cardinals news and notes:, AFL, and Tyler O’Neill

Baseball is happening, MLB and otherwise, and here is some stuff on some of it

Milwaukee Brewers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Here are the latest happenings on Viva El Birdos.

  • VEB writer/noted user Ben Markham made some suggestions on how his experience with super-app could be improved. As a fellow app-haver, I was intrigued by these suggestions and you might be too.
  • A few St. Louis Cardinals prospects are participating as we speak in the Arizona Fall League (well, the game probably isn’t going on right now—you know what I mean). Josey Curtis wrote about the last week’s action.
  • The red baron took a look at the swing of Tyler O’Neill, who is definitely my favorite baseball player that I could not pick out of a crowd even if he were wearing a Tyler O’Neill jersey. The idea of him is just fascinating to me is all.

We’ll have more stuff this week. And in other weeks too!