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Cardinals News & Notes: Outfield demand, Blue Jays, Arizona Fall League, St. Louis Blues

Monday’s stories

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at St. Louis Cardinals Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a look back at Monday’s stories:

The demand for corner-outfielders this winter - We all know the Cardinals could use more stability at their corner-outfield positions, and Ben Markham went around the league to examine teams who share a similar need — and the demand it will cause on the offseason market.

Cardinals trade partner profile: Toronto Blue Jays - Pegasus took a look at how the Blue Jays and Cardinals might match up as trade partners, with Josh Donaldson and Marcus Stroman garnering much attention.

Cardinals 2017 Arizona Fall League Preview - I previewed the upcoming Arizona Fall League that will feature eight Cardinals.

Adam Wainwright is feelin’ the Blues - A Hunt and Peck - Lil_scooter shared with us that Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright was in attendance at Saturday’s St. Louis Blues homer opener.

That does it for Monday. Check back Tuesday for more!