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Facebook Live Episode 19: State of the Cardinals

I answered your questions in a live video chat

St Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Hope all of you are enjoying the new year. To commemorate 2017 I took your questions over at Facebook and discussed the current state of the team. The video is below.

Topics Included:

  • Alex Reyes and Matt Carpenter are going to play in the WBC
  • The Cardinals stated goals of improving defense and how that will be accomplished.
  • The Cardinals potential need for another outfielder.
  • Whether the Cardinals are finished with moves this offseason.
  • What to expect from the rotation, including Lance Lynn
  • The Cardinals need for another core player and the dream scenario where that player is Manny Machado.
  • Where the Cardinals stand in relation to the Cubs, Pirates and the rest of the National League
  • If Coco Crisp might be an option if he is still available.
  • One unruly facebooker asked a question about Don Denkinger so I immediately shut the chat down.

Thanks again for all those who participated!