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Cardinals news and notes: HOF ballot, 2016, Trevor Rosenthal, prospects, Carlos Martinez

Recapping Monday's story lineup at VEB.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Stories were rolling out on Monday, the second day of 2017. From a Hall of Fame ballot to under-the-radar prospects, VEB featured a bit of everything. Here's a rundown on the action:

The Viva El Birdos Community Hall of Fame Ballot -- John Fleming crafted a Hall of Fame ballot for the VEB community. If you haven't filled one out yet, I encourage you to do so soon! It's a fun way to express your opinion on who should be enshrined in Cooperstown.

The forgotten and overlooked edition of the Cardinals' 2016 season -- Alex Crisafulli took a unique look at the Cardinals' 2016 campaign, and his story sports a different perspective than several of the other season recaps you'll find.

Post DL stint, Trevor Rosenthal returned to form -- Joe Schwarz reminded us that Trevor Rosenthal looked like his normal self after he return from the disabled list.

Seventeen Cardinals prospects to keep tabs on in 2017 -- I examined seventeen lesser-known Cardinals prospects that you may want to check out in the upcoming season.

The Cardinals should bet big on Carlos Martinez -- Ben Markham explained why the club needs to bet big on starter Carlos Martinez, who has become one of the team's premier starting pitchers.

That does it for Monday's action. Check back Tuesday for more!