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Cardinals news and notes: Gyorko, Wainwright, and Molina

January is nearing the end. Spring Training is approaching. Baseball will be here eventually. But not yet. Here’s what happened in lieu of it.

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

So, lacking any actual baseball to cover, VEB looked back (at 2016, at decades-old films) and we looked forward (to 2017, to prospects). So basically we did it all. Thank you for your kudos on this.

Here’s what Viva El Birdos wrote about yesterday.

Jedd Gyorko

I wrote about Jedd Gyorko, how 2016 was an extreme version of what he has been throughout his career (basically, he hit a ton of home runs), and how the possibility that this could all backfire next year warrants third base being an open question for 2017, although I still come down in favor of Gyorko over Jhonny Peralta for most games.

Eliezer Alvarez

The red baron wrote about Eliezer Alvarez (well, technically he wrote about him earlier this month). In the more player-specific version of RB’s very good but very long prospect write-ups, this look is at Alvarez, his #24 overall prospect, a Cardinals minor league second baseman.

Adam Wainwright

Lil scooter wrote about an Adam Wainwright tweet, in which his daughter dressed like Luke Skywalker while an iconic line in movie history played. One gripe, though, if I may (and if I may not, it’s not like you have the power to stop me!): admittedly, I never saw The Empire Strikes Back because I did really care for the original Star Wars because I am an incorrigible crank, but isn’t the line “No, I am your father” (with the line clearly spoken in the tweet being the frequent misquote “Luke, I am your father”? Is Waino watching a ripoff version of the movie? Is the man who has made over $95 million in his career intentionally keeping his daughter in the dark about the real version of The Empire Strikes Back in order to save $10-$20?

(Yes, I have seen JFK, why do you ask?)

Yadier Molina

Josey Curtis wrote about Yadier Molina and evaluated the pros and cons of giving him a smaller workload going forward, as he is now fully cemented in his mid-thirties.

That’s about it. Have a good weekend, everybody.