Prospect Watch

I saw Luke Weaver at Dierbergs once. He wasn’t as tall as I expected. I thought he’d be, like, crazy tall but he was pretty tall. I saw him in the produce section, which probably means he has been eating well.

Prospect Watch Rating: Healthy

I watched Nick Plummer get the high score in Pac Man at an arcade that I’m not going to tell you where that arcade is. He got the high score by quite a bit, then entered his name as a curse word that I will not tell you which curse word it was to be his initials. It was one of the funny curse words though, I will tell you. Nick Plummer’s shenanigans, though entertaining, worried me a bit for the upcoming year, during which he will play at A ball, or AA ball, or one of the other A related ball leagues.

Prospect Watch Rating: Blinky

I saw Alex Reyes at a gas station, but then he saw me seeing him and things got kind of weird. He didn’t look like he was mad or anything, but I kind of freaked out a little and left before my tank was even filled. I turned around to go back to the gas station, thinking enough time had passed for Reyes to leave, but he hadn’t left. He saw me seeing him again, and it was still weird. He laughed. I acted like I didn’t see him laugh. Then he left and I filled up the rest of my tank.

Prospect Watch Rating: Premium

As always, the stories are fake but the ratings are real.

Thanks! Go Birds!