I need a little help

Hello, Viva El Birdos! I am part of the staff of Bless You Boys, the SB Nation site dedicated to the Tigers. I am working on a personal project, and I would like your help because I am not even close to all-knowing and my knowledge of the St. Louis Cardinals is minimal.

Between the rumors that were swirling earlier this year about a possible expansion and my love of Fantasy Sports, I was hoping you would assist me with my personal expansion draft. If you would please compile a list of players that you would protect from this year's club under the 1997 rules, that would be much appreciated.

The 1997 rules basically stated that only 15 players throughout the organization could be protected from the expansion draft. Then, after each round, there was the opportunity to add three more players to the protected list. There were three rounds in which each new team poached players off the existing ones, so twice existing teams were allowed to add three players to their list. Players drafted in the last two drafts are automatically protected, as well as IFAs who were signed in '15 and '16 and who were under 18. The rest need to be protected.

If you are willing to help, it would be appreciated if you would, after the list of 15, also mention which six other players you would protect. Remember, order matters, and I want this as fair as possible.

One last thing, if you are a part of the VEB staff, please make a note of it.

I can't thank you enough.