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Cardinals news and notes: Wong, Matheny, Rockies

Baseball pants do not need belts. That, plus news and notes.

St. Louis Cardinals v Colorado Rockies Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Lil Scooter continued her battle of the uniforms series yesterday with 1969 taking on 1981. The early returns are not looking good for 1981 and that’s a shame because that uniform should win going away and should definitely defeat any uniform that necessitates a belt (which covers about 90% of all baseball eras).

This question has been asked, written about, satirized many times before now, but I’ll never understand the concept of baseball players wearing a belt. Does it hurt when they slide? Is this entirely steeped in tradition or does it provide an actual practical advantage to an elastic waistband? Have suspenders been considered?

If you know, feel free to answer below and remember to vote for 1981.

Here’s what else happened yesterday at VEB:

Kolten Wong

Kolten Wong has been a nice player for the Cardinals in the second half and should be getting as much playing time as practical. He can even run and play defense.

Mike Matheny

Joe Schwarz gave Mike Matheny the requisite props for his handling of the Jaime Garcia and Alex Reyes situation. Read about it here.

Cardinals vs. Rockies

Craig Edwards’s season previews are drawing near a close. Read about what to expect in the Rockies series here. Last night the Cardinals got a few strong innings from Carlos Martinez, a two-run shot from Randal Grichuk, and a rather terrifying 9th inning from Kevin Siegrist. Just another day at the office. Here’s the recap of the evening’s events.

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.