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Cardinals news and notes: Giants, Garcia, and TV

The weekend of VEB

MLB: Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

So...this was a fairly exhausting baseball weekend we just had. And I’m kind of tired and lazy and the quicker you get through this post, the quicker you can get to finishing whatever else you need to do today. And then you’ll be closer to taking a nap. And this is good.

Jaime Garcia

Amidst criticism of Jaime Garcia and concerns that he may indeed be pitching through pain, or that perhaps he just isn’t good anymore, Ben Markham disagreed. While Ben acknowledged that Garcia’s results have been poorer, he notes several factors which may explain Garcia’s recent results beyond “he’s not good now.”

The wild and crazy media landscape of 2016

The red baron discussed the many options baseball fans have in 2016. There is lots out there as far as television and web content, and unlike in generation’s past, there are many choices out there for fans.

The Giants

Did you hear the Cardinals played the Giants this weekend? Wild, right? Well, anyway, dr. howl recapped the thrilling 3-2 victory from Saturday and WyoCardsFan handled the less thrilling but ultimately very satisfying 3-0 win from Sunday.

A new series starts tonight in Colorado. It should be fun and hopefully will be more Saturday/Sunday than Thursday/Friday.