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Facebook Live Episode 12: The bullpenning

Craig Edwards answers your questions on all things Cardinals, with a specific emphasis on the bullpen

St Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I once again took to Facebook and answered questions in a live video chat. Thanks to all who participated, especially my dog, Henry, who would feel very left out otherwise.

Much of the discussion today focused on the bullpen, including:

  • Why, god, why as it relates to Jonathan Broxton
  • What to make of Matt Bowman
  • The best usage for Zach Duke
  • The rise of Miguel Socolovich
  • How much of the bullpen blame should go to Matheny, and how much of it is injuries and bad luck.
  • September callups and how those players might help for the stretch run.
  • What to expect from Aledmys Diaz
  • What will Brandon Moss get in free agency
  • What will happen at first base if Brandon Moss leaves
  • Other free agent or trade options
  • Is it better for the Cardinals to play the wild card game on the road
  • The chances of Holliday coming back
  • The ideal wild card lineup against a lefty pitcher

Thanks again. You can follow us on Facebook here.