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Cardinals news and notes: Prospects, Moss, Reds

The Cardinals’ Twitter account is improving (as well as yesterday at VEB)

St Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

This is not what I consider a pressing issue nor one I care about all that deeply, but somewhere along the way the Cardinals’ Twitter account became, I dunno, good? The account now interacts with bloggers from time to time, and actually penned a pretty funny tweet after yesterday’s pitiful loss to the Reds. (Reaching for moral victories after playing the Reds is certainly not ideal but that’s probably beside the point.)

The account could still do a better job interacting with fans, but considering that it was possibly the most vanilla account in MLB until this year, and that having a strong social media presence is important in this day and age, I’m perfectly satisfied with the baby steps. Especially if it means more replies of this ilk:

They smell?

Here’s what you may have missed yesterday at VEB:

Pitching Prospects

The Cardinals are in good hands when it comes to young pitching as Joe Schwarz explains here.

Brandon Moss

On a semi-related note to Joe’s point above, I argued that the Cardinals likely won the Rob Kaminsky-for-Brandon Moss trade.

Down on the farm

Here’s the report on the lower level. Randal Grichuk is already banging out home runs in Memphis.

Carlos Martinez

Lil Scooter is here to remind us that even when things are bad we at least have Carlos.

Cardinals vs. Reds


(You really should read that recap of the game though, it’s both funny and engrossing.)

Have a great weekend, everyone.