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Cardinals news and notes: Garcia, uniforms, Brewers

Some of us were rooting for the Cubs last night. Some of us were not. We are all fine. (And news and notes.)

St Louis Cardinals v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

As I type this the Cubs have moments ago come back to beat the Pirates 8-7 in 13 innings. With the Pirates’ loss, and the Cardinals’ “no-business winning” win in Milwaukee, the Cardinals now sit 1.5 games up on Pittsburgh and 2.5 up on the Marlins and Mets for the last wild card. The Cubs’s thrilling win, the fact that all of their fans went to bed happy is good for us. The Cardinals aren’t catching them in the NL Central but they may very well fight off Pittsburgh and the others to claim their sixth straight postseason appearance. And the Cubs right now can help us out. Let’s enjoy this rare event where we can cheer for them and not feel all that gross about it.

Or keep cheering against them. That’s fine, too. It is the Cubs, after all.

Here’s what you may have missed yesterday at VEB:

Jaime Garcia

I wrote about Jaime Garcia’s struggles and whether he’s at risk of being left off the postseason rotation. And Joe Schwarz analyzed his mechanics what’s gone wrong with Garcia’s last three starts.

Farm report

Josey Curtis has the report from the farm system. Most notable is Matt Adams is continuing his rehab in Memphis.


It’s the 1927 uniforms vs. the 1956 ones in the race for all the...marbles? Lil Scooter, are marbles at stake? Whatever the case, the Cardinals won 92 games in 1927 and only 78 in ‘56 so I’m voting for ‘27.

Cardinals vs. Brewers

As mentioned, the Cardinals beat the Brewers last night in a game they probably had no business winning. Here’s the recap with all of the details. And here’s the series preview for the final two games if you were curious whether or not the Cardinals should be destroying these Brewers.

Enjoy your Tuesday.