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Facebook Live Episode 11: Alex Reyes and Wild Card options

Craig Edwards takes your questions on the Cardinals

St Louis Cardinals v Chicago Cubs Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I once again took to Facebook to answer your questions in live fashion. Thanks to everyone who participated Also, I got a haircut—not during the video—before the chat.

Topics include:

  • Jaime Garcia’s poor outing(s)
  • Last night’s lineup
  • Matt Carpenter at third instead of leadoff
  • Alex Reyes’ performance
  • Reyes’ role going forward
  • The poor decision to let Reyes bat
  • Different options for the Wild Card game as far as pitching goes
  • Moss, Gyorko and low OBP, high power guys in the lineup
  • What it would take for a manager to go with a seemingly bizarre wild card game strategy.
  • Oh’s workload
  • Swapping Reyes and Weaver
  • Aledmys Diaz
  • Holliday’s role this year and next
  • Potential free agents
  • Cardinals offseason strategy
  • Rosenthal’s future, potentially as a starter
  • Whether I received any blowback from advocating Mike Matheny be fired.

Thanks again for all of the questions. Feel free to follow our Facebook page here. Comments and suggestions are always welcome.