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Cards News and Notes: Grichuk, Peralta, Jackie Robinson

Yesterday’s VEB

Here is your conveniently located links to yesterday’s VEB:

The Cardinals strange handling of Randal Grichuck: Craig’s analysis of the Cardinals’ confusing use of Randal this year.

Jhonny Peralta and the 2017 Cardinals’ infield: My piece on how Peralta fits into a crowded infield situation next year.

Visit Busch Stadium and see Jackie Robinson’s contract: Your daily Hunt and Peck, centered around the fact that Jackie Robinson’s MLB contract is on display currently at Busch.

Cardinals should destroy the Mets: A series preview from Craig.

Big night for Magneuris Sierra: Your daily Farm report.

Mets vs. Cardinals game thread: See VEB’s reaction as the game unfolded.

Cardinals LOBster their way to 7-4 loss to mets: The post-game recap.

Cardinals take on the Mets today at 7:15 CT. Go Cards!