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Facebook Live Episode #8: Trade Deadline

I took your question in a live chat on Facebook covering the trade deadline, the Diaz injury, and a few other Cardinals topics.

The Cardinals made their move on Sunday, adding Zach Duke and sending Charlie Tilson to the White Sox.

Among other things, I discussed:

  • Zack Duke for Charlie Tilson
  • Price for relievers
  • Looking at other deadline deals compared to the Cardinals
  • A brief dog cameo
  • I like Carlos Beltran, even if the doesn’t make sense on this team.
  • Tilson’s future
  • Duke’s contract
  • Duke’s position in the bullpen and how it relates to the rest of the team
  • Using Bowman over Oh and playing for extra innings
  • Starting Jaime Garcia, "second-guessing", and the other options the Cardinals had
  • Trade deadline deals the Cardinals could have made
  • Diaz’s injury and its effect on the team
  • The Cardinals depth
  • Mike Matheny gets me upset
  • The Cardinals position relative to the Mets, Marlins, and other NL teams and the moves they made.
  • Alex Reyes and his struggles in the minors.
  • The role for Luke Weaver
  • The role for Lance Lynn
  • The state of the Cardinals system and their top prospects.
Thanks for all the great questions.

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