Check out this heart-warming story of a Cardinals usher, a mother and child, and the quest for milk


Baseball is a business. It is a numbers game. It is not personal. Sometimes, it is easy to forget that it is a sport comprised of humans, flawed, kind, beautiful humans. Humans on the field, humans in the dugout, humans in the office, and humans in the stands, at home watching their televisions or listening to their radios, cheering for the other humans.

Sometimes our humanity and our love of this sport collide. Sometimes it is through tragedy. Sometimes through questionable morality. And sometimes it is through acts of kindness. That is the best kind.

The above story did not take place on a baseball field, but in the stands. It did not involve an athlete or an executive. It is simply about a ballpark usher helping a mother find some milk for her child and why that was so important.

Stories like these are important. They remind us that, above all else, we should be kind to one another. And they reminds us that even the smallest good deeds can mean the world to someone else.

Happy Friday, friends.