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Lance Lynn makes his first rehab start - A Hunt and Peck

That was... really soon.

senior pics?
senior pics?
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

It was announced Lance Lynn would undergo Tommy John surgery in November of 2015. In August of 2016 he made his first rehab start for Palm Beach.

That is ten months.


The average pitcher, per Pitchs Smart:

... returns to game action 12-16 months following surgery but that time varies greatly by individual. In a recent study by Erickson et al., Major League pitchers returned in as little as 11 months and as many as 30 months.

Ten months? That is pretty much unprecedented. But not impossible. Let’s continue on:

The player's return also depends on when the surgery is performed in the context of the baseball season as well as the severity of the injury. Players, parents and coaches should remember that each injury is unique and has its own timeline for recovery.

So he is making rehab starts, but how did he do?

The concern for such a speedy return is high, but a truly healthy Lance Lynn in 2016 could be a shot in the arm that the team could use.

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