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Cardinals Facebook Live Espisode 9: Why Mike Matheny should be fired

Craig Edwards takes your questions on Mike Matheny and the Cardinals top pitching prospects.

On Tuesday, I wrote on why I thought Mike Matheny should be fired and levied the following criticism:

Why do we believe that Matheny has any real capacity to change his strategic level, let alone, part of his personality? We are in his fifth season, and he has had fits and starts of better strategy, but it never seems to last, and it is his personality—that stubbornness and insecurity—that gets in the way. Going with his gut, when it comes to playing time and in-game decisions, is managing scared. Scared of making a new decision, scared of sticking with a sound decision, scared of benching veterans for fear of losing the clubhouse.

While the piece is pretty explicit both in evidence and explanation, providing more reasoning in a conversation might help to further explain my reasoning. As such, I participate in a Live Facebook Chat addressing a few more issues and taking your questions. Many questions revolved around a potential replacement. Also included in the chat is a discussion on the role of Alex Reyes going forward as well as Luke Weaver.

Thanks so much for your questions.