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Cardinals news and notes: Storen, Adams, Mets

Reliving a game with the Cubs in 2003 that never officially happened. And yesterday at VEB

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Last night's opening series game with the Mets was postponed due to rain. From the pictures I saw, it looked bad the entire evening in Queens so they did the smart thing and didn't even try to play. I was in attendance for a game at Wrigley Field on May 11, 2003, when they did not do the smart thing and attempted to stage a Cardinals-Cubs game in what I remember as being light rain with 50 mph winds. Albert Pujols hit a grand slam that landed on Waveland. Tino Martinez (the most common answer, it seems, for least favorite Cardinal), hit two home runs of his own. In total there were seven home runs between the two teams and none of it counted because they cancelled the game with the Cardinals up 11-9 after four innings.

Unfortunately, shortly before the game was called, Eli Marrero badly sprained his ankle going for a fly ball in the outfield. He didn't play again until September.

I was in the bleachers that day with several friends. In spite of the conditions I remember having a very good time. I remember also wondering why on earth were they trying to play this game in what felt like a tropical storm. It was madness. (For an angrier recap of that day, you can read this from our sister site Bleed Cubbie Blue.)

Here's what you may have missed yesterday at VEB:

Drew Storen

Since Drew Storen has been DFA'd, I looked at whether it would make sense for the Cardinals to see if he could add some value to the club.

Down on the farm

Here's the farm recap from Josey Curtis.

Matt Adams

Lil Scooter was kind enough to make us re-watch Matt Adams's walk-off home run and accompanying bat flip from Friday. Watch it again and again and again.

Facebook chat with Craig Edwards

Craig Edwards continued his weekly Facebook chats on the Cardinals and you can watch part 1 and part 2 here.

Cardinals vs. Mets

When I was growing up we hated the Mets. Do we still hate the Mets? I'm not sure we do or if we should since their sweep of the Cubs in last year's NLCS was awfully kind. Regardless, the Cardinals should destroy the Mets. Last night's game was rained out, of course, but if you wish to enjoy the game thread for the game that did not happen you can do that here.

Have a good Tuesday, everyone.