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Facebook Live Episode #7: Chris Sale, Jose Quintana and Mike Mayers

Craig Edwards took your questions for a while before his dog got jealous of all the viewers and demanded equal time

Craig Edwards

This week's episode of Facebook Live is a two-parter. Whether due to storms or other forces, the internet was a bit slow today, and we lost the signal for a bit in the middle.

Part I covered

  • The Cardinals decision to start Mike Mayers on Sunday and the other options available.
  • Bullpen trades including Andrew Miller, Wade Davis and other options
  • Drew Storen
  • Chris Sale as well as the package it might take to get him.

Part II discussed
  • Jose Quintana as an alternative to Chris Sale
  • Aroldis Chapman and discussing my comments on not wanting him on the Cardinals regardless of the deal.
  • A few more bullpen alternatives
  • Evan Longoria
  • My dog wanting a walk.
Thanks to everyone who participated. Due to dog interruptions I didn't get to everybody's questions. We might try to fit another in toward the end of the week, but next Monday's trade deadline will provide a good opportunity to see exactly where the Cardinals fell.

Part I:

Part II: