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Cardinals news and notes: Deep thoughts, trades, hacking

The Cardinals have the chance to do something they haven't done in 52 years. That and yesterday at VEB.

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If the Cardinals can claim a postseason spot they have the opportunity to do something they haven't done in 52 years and that's win a World Series in the middle of a presidential election cycle. They last pulled off this feat in 1964 (read October 1964!) when they beat the Yankees in seven games a month before Lyndon Johnson defeated Barry Goldwater. The other time they did it was in 1944 when they defeated the St. Louis Browns in six games (which was the only World Series played in the same stadium other than the 1921 and 1922 series at the Polo Grounds) just before FDR took down Thomas E. Dewey.

What does this mean? Nothing. Who can I impress with this info? Probably no one. What happened yesterday at VEB? Let's have a look.

Morning after the double-header

The Red Baron had some deep thoughts on Aledmys Diaz, Carlos Martinez, and Pokemon.

Trade for bats?

Word is the Cardinals will likely not be investing in a bat before the trade deadline and that's probably the right move. At least, I think so.

Down on the farm

Read about Austin Gombar's complete game and other goings on down on the farm.

Carlos Martinez

It's hot out there which means most of us could go for a nice, refreshing cup of water thrown in our face and the easiest way to get that is to be on the Cardinals and hit a home run. Carlos is the best.

Hacking scandal

I couldn't help but notice that a lot of the people who just so happen to think that the Cardinals organization should cease to exist because of the hacking scandal are Cubs fans. Weird. Craig Edwards makes the case that it's fine to feel that way just be a bit more forthcoming about your motives.

Cardinals vs. Padres

Cardinals completed the four-game sweep last night with wonderful late-inning heroics from Stephen Piscotty and  Aledmys Diaz. Here's the game thread and the recap.

Have a great weekend, everyone!