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Cardinals win because of things and stuff - A Recap from July 2, 2016

You know what the most exciting thing about winning is? It's when you win.

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Hello, friends! This is your friendly neighborhood scooter here (not that one from up north, you know the one), here to provide you with a detailed and thrilling recap of the events that transpired in today's baseball contest between the Milwaukee Brewers and the St. Louis Cardinals. Yep. That is me. Here to chronicle the happenings of the day. So...

Wow, what weather today, right? So sloppy and muddy - not conducive to enhanced baseball-viewing enjoyment, in my honest opinion.

Stalling? Me? No, I am not stalling, you're stalling! I just thought I would lead in gradually to the excellent recap I have prepared for your reading pleasure of the game that I totally watched in its entirety and did not miss because I, like a nincompoop, thought the game started at 7:15 p.m. I mean, if you want me to just get to it, then fine.

So how about that time when all the stuff happened? That was cool, right? My favorite part was when Matt Carpenter walked and Adam Wainwright threw that nice curveball. Oh, did you see that unnecessary double-switch Matheny made? And then, what about going to Jonathan Broxton when Kevin Seigrist was ready to go? What is up with that?

Okay fine, you caught me. I missed the whole game. But I promised to write this recap, and write it I will.

I see that Matt Carpenter got the day off today and Tommy Pham batted first. That is fine, I suppose.

It appears that the Cardinals offense was provided exclusively in the bottom of the fourth inning. After Stephen Piscotty reached on a error and Yadier Molina singled for career hit number 1500, Kolten Wong tripled them home, then did the nay-nay to give the Cardinals a two runs to zero lead. Greg Garcia continued his strategy of never making outs and singled Wong home to give the Cardinals a three runs to zero lead, which is what the score would end as.

Per the box score, the Cardinals pitching was solid today. Adam Wainwright took the mound after a ninety minute rain delay to pitch seven solid innings with five strikeouts. He surrendered seven hits and two walks, however, which leads this writer to believe that he worked around men on base all day. Not exactly a dominant outing, but certainly acceptable, good enough for a very nice game score of sixty-nine. Four double plays made behind him certainly helped. Broxton and Sueng Hwan Oh pitched relatively uneventful eighth and ninth innings to preserve the shutout.


Adam Wainwright had the hieghest WPA on the day at .267 total, but I am making a judgement call here and giving it to Kolten Wong, who was good for .153 WPA and hit the game-winner. Congrats to Kolten on this prestigious honor.


Source: FanGraphs

So, tomorrow's game is at 1:15pm - that is in the afternoon folks. Michael Wacha takes the hill against Chase Anderson. See ya then!