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Cardinals news and notes: Carpenter, Siegrist, and the Brewers

*Looks at how it's July* Oh, well, I guess it's the heart of the baseball season now.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Although the St. Louis Cardinals fielded several very good teams over the last few seasons, 2016 has brought a return to a truly special offense. And by extension, it has brought a return to one of the area's finest Cardinals-related tradition: cheap drinks at Mobil on the Run.

As anybody privy to local television advertisements knows, Mobil on the Run runs a promotion where after the Cardinals score six or more runs, one can procure a fountain soda, coffee, or frozen drink of any size for 50 cents. In one sense, it is a loss for the company, slashing prices to under half of the normal cost. However, it also results in me and many others, you know, actually going to Mobil on the Run.

I live, literally, a sub-two minute walk away from a Circle K gas station, where one can obtain any size fountain drink for, including tax, 82 cents. And yet, in the spirit of cheap drinks, I will get in my car and drive (it's not a long drive, but it's a drive nonetheless) to Mobil on the Run. It is probably an environmental abomination, and I'm only saving 32 cents, but it's special.

And part of why it feels special is because the mindset of a lackluster offense continues. But this season, the Cardinals have amassed 35 occasions of six or more runs scored. Last season, the Cardinals won 100 games. In that season, in which the Cardinals became the first team since 2011 to hit triple-digit victories, the Cardinals amassed 38 victories. 38. In a season which lasted through early October. And it's all so frivolous, really.

Assuming you were going to buy an 82 cent soda from Circle K (not to mention the 32 ounce versions available at QuikTrip, 7-11, and probably other places), for 35 games, this leads to a total savings of $11.20. Which sounds nice and all, until faced with the assumption that one is never enticed by the 50 cent offer to purchase a cheap drink that one would not normally purchase.

They are evil geniuses, and yet I retain my unabashed support for them. And even when I don't "want" a 50 cent drink, I will diligently remain excited when I can get one. Such as today. Anywhere, here is what happened at VEB yesterday.

Matt Carpenter

wrote about Matt Carpenter and his MVP candidacy. Which is to say, I wrote about how Matt Carpenter might be MVP if Clayton Kershaw doesn't remain the most unhittable force of nature in history. Even then, it might be tough, but Carpenter does have a chance at thriving while others have fallen back to the pack.

Kevin Siegrist

On Friday, Cardinals reliever Kevin Siegrist was placed on the disabled list and in his place, Sam Tuivailala was promoted. This should pose a challenge both for the Cardinals, who will be missing one of its top relievers, and for me, because I have to remember how to consistently spell Tuivailala. Wish us both the best of luck.

HR 5580

While its title comes across very favorably, the "Save America's Pastime Act" is a bit more nuanced of a piece of legislation than it sounds. Lil Scooter has us covered.

Previews and recaps

Craig Edwards previewed how the Cardinals should destroy the Milwaukee Brewers. Meanwhile, mister_manager recapped how the Cardinals destroyed the Milwaukee Brewers. And so it goes.

There's a long weekend ahead, with many wonderful baseball games to come. 1:15 is the scheduled start time today.