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Facebook Live Episode 6: Mike Matheny's poor bullpen management

I took your questions on Facebook on Mike Matheny's issues as manager and the upcoming trade deadline.

Over on our Facebook page, I chatted for a while and took questions on a wide variety of topics, but with the issues over the weekend, and losing two winnable games against the Marlins, much of the focus was on Mike Matheny and how he has handled the bullpen. A necessary related topic to those issues is the trade deadline just two weeks away.

Topics included:

  • Using Trevor Rosenthal in high leverage situations.
  • Using an ineffective Jonathan Broxton as a setup man
  • Using Tyler Lyons as an extra-innings guy and the lack of those situations
  • A lack o trust in non-estrablished options in important bullpen moments.
  • Other bullpen options in and out of the organization.
  • Leaving Wacha in after 93 pitches when he was clearly laboring at catering to the pitcher win.
  • Assigning credit and blame for one-run games.
  • John Mozeliak making moves around Matheny's deficiencies without addressing real concern.
  • Wearing players down.
  • Providing assigned roles for comfort and ruining versatility.
  • What to do with Alex Reyes.
  • Is there a major move to be made at the trade deadline?
  • Charlie Blackmon
  • The potential of selling

A direct link to the video is here. For other Cardinals coverage, feel free to like us on Facebook.