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Cardinals news and notes: Sherriff, bunts, El Gallo

Yesterday at VEB

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

The baseball season is insane. It's long and there are hardly any days off. Not counting the All-Star Break, players usually get about fourteen off days over the course of the six-month season, and some of the days are likely to be spent traveling. And contrary to what I thought when I was a kid, the players don't just show up at the park at game time and then leave three hours later. If you add up the time the average player starts getting ready for the game all the way until postgame interviews are finished you're looking at around a ten-hour day.

I bring this up because in light of that I find it all the more impressive that Carlos Martinez spent his break in his home country the Dominican Republic doing charity work for his foundation, Tsunami Waves. Lil Scooter detailed it yesterday on the site. As she said, he really is the best.

And not for nothing but he would have fit in in San Diego just fine. His 1.34 ERA over the last month leads all of baseball (Carlos Carrasco is second at 1.60). #VivaElGallo

Here's what else you may have missed yesterday at VEB:

Ryan Sherriff interview

Joe Schwarz interviewed AAA-Memphis relief pitcher Ryan Sherriff, who's having a good year on the diamond - as evidenced by his inclusion in the AAA All-Star Game - and on the Pokemon battlefield(?) - as evidenced by him being a self-proclaimed Pokemaster(?).

Silly bunts

I get tired of people harping on how bad bunts are but I had to join the chorus after Aledmys Diaz's failed attempt on Sunday. Also, our eyes aren't deceiving us, the Cardinals bunt more than most teams and they're also worse at it than most teams.

Down on the farm

Here's the latest farm report and speaking of...

How about that.

Midseason report

With the first half of the season gone, here's your chance to see how your predictions for hitters are looking as well as to opine on how you think the Cardinals will fare the rest of the season. Go ahead and put me on record as believing the Redbirds will win 89 games and win the last wild card spot.

Have a great weekend, everyone.