VEB Day 2016 Part 2: The Reckoning: Details and Signup


September baseball, ladies and gentlemen. One of the final gasps of the season before the long winter is upon us, and we have nothing more to do than stare out the window and masturbate, like the great Rogers Hornsby. To this end, I have been asked to organize a late-season VEB meetup. Are you interested in joining us? For the game, not the other stuff. Details below:

DATE: 9/10, 6:15 pm vs the Brewers (The promotion for this game is the Adult Lightweight Zip-up Jacket, for those interested). This is the only weekend series the Cardinals play at Busch in September, so there is basically no chance of this changing.

PLANS: Enjoy a game! A cold beer if that's your thing! Perhaps afterwards we'll go for a drink or hang out at some accommodating VEBer's house (probably my house). Before the game, we will likely meet at a bar (4Hands is always a good suggestion, but feel free to make other suggestions in the comments) and stare awkwardly at one another.

WHAT DO I NEED TO DO, AYVSI?: Well, I need to buy tickets. So I need you to tell me in the comments below or via email (which can be found in my profile) if you want tickets and how many you would like. You can either Paypal me for them (I'm going to shoot for cheaper tickets this time by splitting up the rows within a section if necessary - I'm hoping to keep them under $20 apiece), or if I deem you not especially shifty, I may allow you to pay me in person instead.

WHEN DO I NEED TO HAVE AN ANSWER FOR YOU, AYVSI?: I am going to purchase tickets on Saturday, August 13th. You have essentially a month to let me know. I will post periodic reminders during this time to get some of you (you know who you are) to RSVP. (I'll probably also move this post to the top at some point.) After that point, please feel free to join us, but you're on your own for tickets.

Join us and the boys of summer for action!