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Cardinals news and notes: Puig, Reyes, HR Derby

An exhibit on the Cardinals-Cubs rivalry is coming to a presidential library near you. Well, near some of you. Probably. (That and yesterday at VEB.)

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

So this is cool, next spring there will be a Cardinals - Cubs rivalry exhibit at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library in Springfield, Illinois.

I'm from a town just over 20 miles north of Springfield, but now it takes two flights to get there. Nevertheless, I will plan a trip to see this exhibit. This rivalry consumed my sports livelihood growing up - I've written about it before - as it did almost everyone around me. Cubs fans weren't necessarily the enemy, in many instances (particularly mine) they were our siblings, friends, and future spouses.

You hear all the time now that since the Cubs are good and poised to be good for a decent amount of time, the days of this being a friendly rivalry are numbered. Maybe those days are already over or maybe I'm delusion for thinking they ever existed in the first place and that this is different from any other stupid sports rivalry, but I hope that isn't the case.

Here's what you missed yesterday at VEB:

Yasiel Puig

The Dodgers are reportedly willing to part with Yasiel Puig, and I examined whether it would make sense for the Cardinals to look Puig's way. Several commenters on Facebook opined as well.

(Spoiler alert: They're not feeling it.)

Andy Cohen

Craig Edwards interviewed St. Louis native, die-hard Cardinals fan, and king of the Bravo network, Andy Cohen. The anecdote on why he named his dog Wacha is great.

Alex Reyes

Alex Reyes got the Joe Schwarz treatment after electrifying the baseball world at the Future's Game on Sunday. It was such a good performance it earned a second look from Lil Scooter.

Down on the farm

Josey Curtis has the report on the farm clubs who went 7-5 over the weekend. This one features another home run from Harrison Bader.

JD Murders/ Home Run Derby

J.D. Murders signed a contract yesterday with the Cardinals and last night was the Home Run Derby. Here's the thread of  you want to read about all of Giancarlo's bombs.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone.