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Cardinals news and notes: Diaz, McGee, and the Brewers

In which I recap the weekend and in which I remember some guys.

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On Saturday, the Twitter account of fellow Cardinals blog Double Birds remembered some guys. It's a thing Deadspin has done, though not specifically with the Cardinals. Frankly, recent history indicates that suggesting Deadspin write more about the Cardinals seems like a poor idea. But here are the guys that Double Birds remembered.

Hey, I remember those guys! But I remember some other guys as well. So let's remember some more guys.

  • Dean Anna
  • Larry Bigbie
  • Joey Butler
  • Stubby Clapp
  • Mike Crudale
  • Jermaine Curtis
  • Dennis Dove
  • Matt Duff
  • Brian Esposito
  • John Gall
  • Scarborough Green
  • Mark Hamilton
  • Jarrett Hoffpauir
  • Eric Ludwick
  • Cody McKay
  • Keith McDonald
  • Gabe Molina
  • Kevin Ohme
  • Timo Perez
  • Scott Radinsky
  • Jorge Rondon
  • Luis Saturria
  • Nick Stavinoha
  • Brian Tallet
  • Travis Tartamella
  • Rico Washington
Now that we have remembered some guys, let's look back a little bit less far at the weekend at Viva El Birdos.

Jake McGee

Ben Markham wrote about Jake McGee, a Colorado Rockies lefty who could be an intriguing trade deadline target for the Cardinals.

Facebook Live Episode 5

Craig Edwards took a break from his busy schedule as frontman of the Flaming Lips to answer some questions on the VEB Facebook page. So click this link to get to the VEB article and then click a link from there to get to the Facebook page, at which point you can click the link within the embedded video and watch. This is the most direct possible route I could have taken here.

Aledmys Diaz

The red baron wrote about Aledmys Diaz and his emerging patience at the plate so far throughout the 2016 season. And as Diaz continues to make believers of his skeptics (you know who you are) and his agnostics (*sheepishly raises hand*), it is increasingly obvious that some day, when Anheuser-Busch stops sponsoring Busch Stadium, it will be named after Aledmys Diaz. And here we were as his voyage to this honor began.

Brewers recaps

On Saturday, IHeartBoog recapped the super cool and awesome and good 8-1 Cardinals victory over the Milwaukee Brewers. On Sunday, WyoCardsFan broke down the similarly unterrible 5-1 Cardinals victory.

As, along with Lil Scooter, a Viva El Birdos Co-President of Cheap Drinks alerts, I feel obliged to remind everybody that today is 7/11, and therefore you can get a free mini-Slurpee today at 7-11 convenience stores, if that's your thing. Also, the Home Run Derby is tonight, and unlike in some previous seasons, last year's timed version was super fun, so if you're free tonight, you should definitely check in.