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Pick #34: Dakota Hudson, RHP, Mississippi State

A tall college righthander with big stuff? Ah, seems like the Cardinals are returning to form, now.

If the first two picks of the 2016 draft for the Cardinals were both huge surprises (for different reasons, but both big surprises), then this pick was much more the expected sort of outcome. Dakota Hudson is a big-stuff college righthander who jumped up draft boards this spring when he started to really put together some consistency in his delivery and approach. He slipped a little to 34 (most outlets had him ranked inside the top 20), and the Cards gladly took an arm that's probably too good to be around at that point.

Personally, I'm not going to lie: I would have preferred Jordan Sheffield. But, the Cardinals continue to eschew injury-concern players in the draft, at least early on, and Sheffield was passed over for Hudson. Either one is fine by me, because both have excellent stuff and some real selling points.

Here's my scouting report of Hudson from just about a month ago. Very little has changed since then, so I won't go back over it too heavily here. Short version: Dakota Hudson has crazy stuff, and is beginning to figure out how to use that stuff. Like I said, I had my fingers crossed for Sheffield, but Hudson is an excellent project to try and fully harness that arm talent.